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This is an important part of the service our business will specialize in, as it is critical that a property has an accurate appraisal so we can ensure our client will not be over paying for a property. We will skilfully negotiate with the selling agents to ensure the best sale price to secure the property.

Using our extensive knowledge of the Surf Coast property market and years of industry experience, we can assess data collected and analysis of current market trends to appraise the most relevant price range on a property.

We will prepare a detailed property and price report for the client on each property we view on their behalf so as to assist them in making an informed decision.

When we appraise a property, we will take into consideration all of the clients’ requirements to give an independent and objective view of the property and we will list out all of the pro’s and cons we can see on this property for the client.

When our client finds the property, they would like to make an offer on to purchase, we will contact the vendors estate agent or the vendor and commence the negotiation stage for our client.

We will not only be negotiating the price of the property but also the terms and conditions including but not limited to;

  • Length of settlement time
  • Any subject to, clauses in the contract including finance
  • Building inspections and pest report
  • Chattels inclusions

Our fees for property appraisal and negotiation is $1500 plus GST. This is for one property only. If we are successful in buying this property a success fee of $1000 plus GST is payable. For a one off appraisal and negotiation successful purchase the fee charged is $2500 plus GST. We recommend the Premium Service if you are looking at multiply properties.

How we can help

  • We deal with real estate agents
  • We keep your identity private
  • We have access to off-market opportunities
  • We can do your bidding at auction
  • We negotiate on your behalf
  • We can manage the entire buying process
  • We will save you time and stress


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